You found the Secret Unicorn Easter Egg.

You have unlocked Christchurch’s Politically Incorrect Unicorn Myth.

Once upon a time, Christchurch was adorned with many sculptures of the British Royal Coat of Arms, a unicorn and a lion supporting a shield. Everyone admired the sculptures. But some people noticed that all the unicorns in Christchurch were special. Not because they had silver eyes, or glittering fur. Because they were well-endowed.

This became a source of pride for Christchurchians. They liked to tell Aucklanders and Wellingtonians that people from Christchurch were as special as the unicorns on their coat of arms.

Then one day King George VI announced he was coming to visit the city. In panic, the Mayor of Christchurch stared around him at the dozens of inappropriate coats of arms. And he knew that things had gone on long enough.

‘Chop them off!’ he screamed.

So in a matter of hours with a few ladders and hand-saws, all the unicorns were reduced to common or garden unicorns.

King George noticed nothing unusual in the city and admired its fine, orderly gardens. But those of us who remember will forever mourn the castration of these wonderful mythical beasts.