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The brightly-coloured boxes stacked behind the espresso machine at C1 Espresso draw a lot of attention. No, they’re not cigarettes, they're something even more exciting: our teas.

They're produced by the Golden Panther Tea Company, a brand owned by C1 Espresso, which offers forty palate-soothing teas and infusions, with flavours varying from a nutty chocolate and coconut rooibos to a zinging cinnamon green tea.


We've searched the globe to find the very highest quality ingredients. Our black and green teas are sourced from Taiwan, where tea is a traditional art and the domain of small family-run businesses. We have a range of teas made with organic ingredients from Samoa, made hand-in-hand with Samoan non-government organisation Women in Business.

Each tea comes in a unique box with a special design. Inside you'll find two servings of tea: one to steep in your teapot while you're at the cafe, and one to take home and use later.

The boxes are limited-edition collectibles. Collect the three different chais (black, rooibos and green) and you'll have the astronaut set, or if you're a rock music devotee, we have a set of six infusions decorated with famous guitarists. And feel free to trade with the other cafe patrons.


Individual boxes of the tea are available at C1 Espresso, and other great cafés and tearooms around New Zealand. Or select any eight flavours for a gift pack: available from C1 Espresso, gift stores and good delis nationwide. The 64-pack is available for our wholesale customers at leading retailers.

You can also purchase gift packs and wholesale packs instore.