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We're C1 Espresso. Founded in Christchurch in 1996, we have spread roots into a bigger establishment on the corner of Tuam and High Streets which opened in 2011.

We are a group of people who are dedicated, professional and passionate about what we do. Working in a café isn't rocket science, and we could win against a bunch of rocket scientists in a dance-off anyway. It’s just caring enough about what you’re doing to do it right.

So that's us. That's C1.

If you think you'd make a good addition to our team, apply above.

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Before the interview


So you’re coming in for an interview at C1 Espresso.

Before you come, it’d be great if you could check out our website and please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram.

In the interview we’ll be asking you a few questions, but we hope you’ll have some questions for us as well. We appreciate insightful questions that show you are interested in us and what we do.

There are lots of amazing places to work in Christchurch. So we'd like to know why you've chosen to apply at C1 Espresso.

Please don’t be late.

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